Web Application Development

Based on requirements you already have or we work with you, we develop technologically advanced web applications that are tailored to your requirements. We help you digitize your processes, integrate third-party systems, program interfaces, and ultimately implement the application that best fits and generates the greatest business value.

Corporate and Personal websites

Scaling from small personal portfolios to fully featured corporate websites we create a space for announcing your presence to the world. A professionally designed personal website allows you to communicate your brand in the most creative, compelling and attractive way.

Speed and Performance Optimization

People won’t spend more than three seconds to see how beautiful your website is. We work like hell, apply lots of new technologies to optimize our web projects and the result is lightning fast experience for your visitors and clients.

Cross-platform desktop applications

The desktop experience has always been an essential part of the computers. We provide visually atractive, custom-tailored and fully functional desktop applications for the needs of our clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Implementing the latest web technologies

We rely on proven web technologies and frameworks such as NodeJS, React, Vue, Django and many others in the realization of your tailor-made web solutions. We build the web using all suitable frameworks with a focus on PHP and JavaScript​.

iOS & Android app development

We use modern cross-platform technologies such as Cordova, Ionic and React Native to create the most visual cross-platform mobile applications that meet the requirements of each unique client offering distinct engagement processes.